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Mountain Equipment Astron Hooded Jacket

mountain equipment astron hooded jacket

    mountain equipment
  • Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) is a Canadian consumers' cooperative, which sells outdoor recreation gear and clothing. MEC is notable for its commitment to environmental protection and other causes.

  • ASTRON is the Netherlands Foundation for Research in Astronomy. ASTRON is an abbreviation of the Dutch Stichting ASTRonomisch Onderzoek in Nederland. This translates to NFRA in English, which is sometimes used to refer to ASTRON in English texts.

  • Astron is a fictional character, a member of the Uranian Eternals, a race in an alternate version of the Marvel Comics universe.

  • The Astron is a shipwreck located off the coast of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

  • A hood is a kind of headgear that covers most of the head and neck and sometimes the face. They may be worn for protection from the environment, for fashion, as a form of traditional dress or uniform, to prevent the wearer seeing or to prevent the wearer being identified.

  • (of a person) Wearing a hood

  • (of eyes) Having thick, drooping upper eyelids resembling hoods

  • Hooding is the placing of a hood over the entire head of a prisoner. Some legal scholars consider the hooding of prisoners to be a violation of international law, specifically the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions, which demand that persons in the power of occupying forces be treated humanely.

  • (Hooding) The act of placing the hands ahead of the ball, both at address and impact, which tends to reduce the effective loft of the club. (Because he was trying to hit his shot under the tree limbs, Tom Kite hooded a 6-iron and ran the ball onto the green).

  • (of an article of clothing) Having a hood

  • An outer garment extending either to the waist or the hips, typically having sleeves and a fastening down the front

  • a short coat

  • provide with a thermally non-conducting cover; "The tubing needs to be jacketed"

  • An outer covering, esp. one placed around a tank or pipe to insulate it

  • an outer wrapping or casing; "phonograph records were sold in cardboard jackets"

  • A metal casing for a bullet

mountain equipment astron hooded jacket - Astron-6 Collection

Astron-6 Collection

Astron-6 Collection

Five friends, a love of film and, a suicide pact. In Tolkein lore, Astron-6 is the day of the Elvish New Year, and a new year is upon us indeed....
From their first meeting at The Winnipeg Short Film Massacre, the five men instantly found themselves embroiled in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Rather than destroy each other, the sworn enemies decided to unite - and then destroy themselves (once famous). Astron-6 is the brainchild of these five iconoclastic, multi-media artists who share a fascination with the mechanics of fear and laughter. They subvert the expectations of the seasoned viewer with the nightmarish and absurd. Their imagery and recurring themes are often torn from the childhood of the irony-craving, internet savvy Generations X and Y. That is, they often lampoon genre films of the 1980s.
Bonus Features:

Audio Commentary
Behind The Scenes
Photo Galleries

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Astron shipwreck

Astron shipwreck

The Astron is a shipwreck located off the coast of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.
The Astron was a ship that was delivering 60 tons of corn to Cuba, when it ran aground in Punta Cana during a storm. It was a Russian freighter ship that was 120 metres (131 yards) long and broke apart into two pieces with the bow above the water and the stern underwater. The ship is in water 16 metres (17.5 yards) deep meaning it can be visited by scuba diving.

ASTRON Magnetic Fusion

ASTRON Magnetic Fusion

ASTRON, the Laboratory’s largest magnetic fusion experiment in the mid-1960s, attempted to help confine a plasma with the magnetic field generated by circulating, high-energy electrons. For the project, Nicholas Christofilos invented the induction linear accelerator to produce the high-energy electrons. Induction linacs are at the heart of modern hydrodynamic test facilities for stockpile stewardship.

mountain equipment astron hooded jacket

mountain equipment astron hooded jacket

Seiko Quartz Astron Limited Edition - Titanium Case - Black Silicone Strap

On the hour, this Seiko mantel clock plays one of six classical tunes and features a demonstration button as well as an on/off switch. . . . . On the hour, plays one of six Hi-Fi melodies: . . . . Amazing Grace . . The Planets "Jupiter" . . Waltz of the Flowers . . Salut d'Amour . . Pictures at the Exhibition "Promenade" . . Dance of the Reed Pipes . . . . Brown and gold-tone case . . Light sensor (so it does not play at night) . . Volume control . . Demonstration button . . One-way rotating pendulum . . On/off switch . . Five "AA" batteries included . .

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