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Home Karaoke Equipment

home karaoke equipment

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home karaoke equipment - New DJ

New DJ PA Karaoke Home Bookshelf 6.5" Pro Audio Black Two Way Speaker Pair 600C

New DJ PA Karaoke Home Bookshelf 6.5" Pro Audio Black Two Way Speaker Pair 600C


1 Brand New Pair of 2-Way Cabinets
These Speakers can receive 100 Watts RMS per pair & 200 Watts Max per pair at 8ohm
Sensitivity is 92dB with 32-30,000 Hz Frequency Response
Woofer is a Deluxe 6.5" 8ohm Poly-Treated Wide Dispersion Driver
Tweeter is 2.5"x 5.5" Horn
Terminals Have Two 1/4" Jacks and Raw Wire Connectors
Constructed with High Quality 3/4" MDF Wood
Deluxe Steel Woofer Grills
Height 12.75" x Width 8.75" x Depth 8.5" per Speaker
10 Pounds per Speaker
Speaker Mounts for Pole Speaker Stands
Heavy Duty Solid ABS Corners
Impact-Forgiving Black Aviation Carpet
We Recommend Podium Pro Audio's VX1000 Amplifier or an Amp with Similar Output Specifications
This Listing and Price is for 1 Pair / 2 Brand New Speakers

78% (5)

Sing along with me (10/365)

Sing along with me (10/365)

"Some days there won't be a song in your heart. Sing anyway." - Emory Austin

Day 10: I've spent a lot of time recently researching home karaoke options. Over the weekend, I pulled the trigger and bought most of the necessary karaoke equipment. Although I'm a horrible karaoke singer, I so thoroughly enjoy it. It feels therapeutic to belt out some tunes, even if the there is more cacaphony than harmony. Now that I will be able to practice my karaoke more often, perhaps I can get my skills up to the level of William Hung. ; )

20061110 karaoke

20061110 karaoke

Thai Kitchen is finally delivering karaoke on Friday nights. It's a nice break from getting things done. Caught up with my friends Karynne, John, and Chris. Actually, by going karaokeing, I've gotten another thing done. Friday (technically Saturday), November 10, 2006

home karaoke equipment

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